Tractor Mounted Crane

By integrating a tractor and a crane into a single unit, our clients have experienced a dramatic increase in operational efficiency.They have been able to reduce their dependancy on scheduling different machines (often from different contractors). Now when a delivery has to be made, the tractor comes and does the loading and unloading itself. No waiting for another crane or extra labour.

Tractor Mounted Crane


  Tractor Mounted Cranes Telescopic Upto 13TM
EOT Cranes, Hoists and Grab Buckets
  Double Girder EOT from 0.5 T to 200 T and Goliath Cranes of capacity Up to 150 T.
  Single Grirder EOT,HOT and Under slung Cranes of capacity Upto 25 T.
  jib Cranes from 0.5 T to 10 T Electic Wire Rope Hoists from 0.5 T to 75 T
  Electrical winches up to 0.5 T to 100 T.
  Electrical Trolleys up to 100 T.
  Chain Pulley Block & Manual Hoists 500Kgs to 25 T
  Grab Buckets up to 15 Cu Mtr Capacity
  Low Head room Hoist & cranes with headroom as low as 600 mm
  Good Lifts up to 10 T

Advantages of Tractor Mounted Crane

Advantages of Tractor Mounted Cranes Ensure a faster turn-around times during loading and unloading operations

The Truck Mounted Crane can self-load and unload. In case of load droppings at different locations it is possible without waiting for any external assistance.

This is owing to the inherent advantage possessed by the machine of being a single unit which are a carrier and Crane

These can also Turn round 360 Degrees, on the Pivot. This enable the reach to be on all directions in Horizontal Plane.